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AVAL brings you the Model 6K00 Pressure / Vacuum Vent with Flame Arrester 

The Model 6K00 Pressure / Vacuum Vent with Flame Arrestor is designed for use on atmospheric and low-pressure storage tanks where pressure and vacuum relief is required. The design include a deflagration flame arrestor consisting of a crimped SST metal element which allows the flow of gases or vapor of flammable liquids but prevent the flame-transmission from the outside. It provides an extinguishing barrier to the ignited vapor mixture by absorbing heat from the flame. The model 6K00 is used as an independent safety system to ensure explosion protection.

Aval Continue as exclusive UK distributors for Cashco Products

Aval Ltd are pleased to announce the appointment as exclusive UK distributors for the Cashco Inc. range of pressure regulators and control valves incorporating Kaye MacDonald, Sensiflo and Valve Concepts. Aval Limited have been supplying pressure regulators, tank blanketing equipment, flame arresters and low pressure valves for over 20 years and are delighted by this appointment by Cashco. The introduction of this new range will further strengthen Aval’s product portfolio and enable them to offer solutions to a larger range of applications.

Cashco Inc. manufacture a broad line of forward reducing and back pressure regulators, supported by a specialist range of throttling, rotary and linear control valves, specifically for industries such as the Petrochem, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Bulk Gas and Steam. As well as standard duties, they are also suitable for cryogenic service, aggressive media’s, slurries, high temperatures and pressures and to maximise the reduction of fugitive emissions. Furthermore, units are available in sizes ranging from 1/4″ right up to 12″ and with Cv’s from 0.002 to 8,455.

Kaye MacDonald has been a technological pioneer in the regulator industry since 1870. KM regulators are designed to perform and built to last with the highest Cv and regulation accuracy available per valve size. They also offer the highest rangeability of any regulator in the industry.

“We simply make it right by putting your needs first. The next time you specify control valves, regulators or you need a replacement fast, call the supplier that makes it right. Rely on Cashco for your single-source convenience. Great service, field-proven quality, and timely delivery makes Cashco the right choice.”

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