AVAL LIMITED has extensive experience in the supply and servicing of tank equipment from all manufacturers, as part of our service towards providing customers with a total solution we offer a full Maintenance Service for valves and other associated storage tank protection equipment, these include;

Breather Valves/Vents
Flame Arrestors
Emergency Relief Valves
Pilot Operated Relief Valves
Tank Gas Blanketing Valves
Safety Relief Valves
Cashco Regulator Range

Our Maintenance Service can be carried out On-site by our highly trained, qualified and experienced engineers or can be done at our premises in our fully equipped workshop.

On-site Service and Support
AVAL recognise that sometimes it’s not always possible or feasible to remove a valve and send to our workshop for overhaul due to time constraints or logistics, with that in mind AVAL offer On-site Maintenance Service with our Level Bronze and Silver packages.

Workshop Maintenance Service
This is our most comprehensive package with the ability to handle a wide variety of storage tank equipment. It often saves money on buying new equipment and also can prolong the life of items with our abilities to repair and overhaul with our Level Gold package.

Type: In-situ Inspection 
Location: On-site at customer premises with the equipment in operating environment.
Overview: To make sure the equipment is functioning correctly.
Details: Full checklist would be completed specifically to the equipment being inspected.
All Externals parts inspected as per specific checklist to the type of equipment. And all Internals parts inspected as per specific checklist to the type of equipment, details recorded and report submitted.

This is the next step on from the Level 1 Bronze, we offer certification of your equipment as well as the inspection as detailed in Level 1 Bronze.
Type: Inspection & Certification – On-site or in AVAL Workshop 
Location: On-site – at customer premises with the equipment being taken from operating position and tested on mobile test set.  Aval workshop – equipment being removed from site and sent to our workshop.
Overview: To make sure the equipment is functioning correctly. Equipment  tested and certificated.
Details: All elements detailed in Level 1 completed but equipment removed from its location and placed on our ‘Mobile Test Set’ or sent back to Aval Workshop. The equipment will be tested for leak rates and settings with all information recorded on Test Certificate.

Type: Inspection & Certification & Overhaul  
Location: AVAL Workshop
Overview: Full overhaul of equipment, test certificate issued with additional services available.
Details: Typical stages of a Level 3 Gold Service are as follows;
Inspection and Review
On receiving the equipment in the workshop an initial inspection is carried out to check the overall condition. We also perform a functional test and record the details of the equipment; Model/Type/Size/Serial Number/Tag Numbers/Setting.
Disassemble and review
Equipment is disassembled to component parts, we review the full condition of the valve looking at seats, seals, gaskets and trim.  
Shot Blast / Bead blast / Clean / Paint
Valves get fully cleaned and if required/specified we can shot blast and or bead blast and powder coat.
The valve will be rebuilt using all new soft spares and any other spares needed to return the valve to a good working condition we always offer OEM spares in the first instance and when necessary – and only with written client approval and agreement – we can supply non-OEM parts to speed up the repair process.. If additional spares are needed the customer is always made aware and photos are provided to show damage or the reasons behind the recommended change.
Valves weight packages are checked and verified for the required setting and then placed on our calibrated test rig and the leakage rates are recorded in accordance with relevant standards specific to the type of equipment . All performance figures are recorded on a test certificate.
Final Check
This final stage ensures the valve meets the customers requirements and has been built back up to specification. Maintenance Reports and Test Certificates are issued.



Spares / Replacements
AVAL LIMITED are the exclusive UK distributors for Cashco, Kaye MacDonald, Sensiflo and Valve Concepts equipment, and have also been the exclusive UK agents of Lupi conservation vents and flame arresters since 1988.

In addition to selling new units Aval Limited are able to supply OEM spares kits for Cashco, Kaye MacDonald, Sensiflo and Valve Concepts equipment and all Lupi conservation vents and flame arresters.

With our extensive experience in this field we are also able to supply other manufactures spares kits, these include Marvac, Groth, Motherwell controls, Protego, Protectoseal, Whessoe, Varec, Shand and Jurs, 3B Controls and Enardo.