Model 5400 Pilot Operated Pressure Vent

The Model 5400 is designed for use on atmospheric andlow-pressure tanks to reduce environmental emissions
and product losses, when operating close to the set point.
Under normal operating conditions, the pallet assemblyis closed providing a tight seal. In the event the tankpressure increases due to product movement into the
tank or thermal expansion of the product and vapors, thedownward force on the pallet assembly increases providinga tighter seal. When the tank pressure reaches the setpressure of the pilot, the pilot assembly opens eliminating the additional downward force on the pallet assembly.The “full” tank pressure pushing upward on the palletassembly will cause the main valve to open. Full flow willbe achieved at no more than 10% overpressure. Oncethe overpressure is relieved the pallet assembly will reset providing a tight seal.
Flange and Weather Hood Material:
Available inAluminum, Carbon Steel or 316 Stainless Steel.
Numerous Sizes:
Available in Sizes 2″ through 24″. CS & SST vents have Raised Face Flange, Aluminum ventshave Flat Face Flange to mate with ASME150# flange connections.
Trim Material:
316SST – Standard on all vents.
Diaphragm Case Material:
Available in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel.
Diaphragm Material:
FKM – Standard; also available Buna-N, EPDM or FEP-TFE.
Pilot Body Material:
Pilot Seat & Seals (o-rings):
FKM – Standard; also available Buna-N, EPDM, FFKM 1 or FFKM 2.
Pilot (Sensing) Diaphragm:
Easy Inspection.
The Model 5400 incorporates the same rugged design found in all of Valve Concepts venting devices – they’re made to last. The main valveseat can easily be inspected without affecting the setpoint. The pilot assembly uses standard o-rings. Nospecial seal diaphragm or proprietary molded elastomers.
Maintenance is easy and less expensive.
Maintains Accurate Settings.
The standard minimumsetting is 2 inches WC, (1.2″ WC with Air Assist).
Maximumpressure setting is 15 psig. A certified test certificate isincluded with each vent verifying the accuracy.
Air-Cushioned Seating. Vent pallet assemblyincorporates a flat, smooth film of FEP Teflon to form afloating air seal. All units are tested to Valve Concepts,Inc. high standards to insure low leakage rates.