Model 5100 Pilot Operated Pressure/Vacuum Vent Valve

The Model 5100 end-of-line conservation breather vent ismodel-5100-pilot-operated-vent-valve
intended for use on atmospheric and low-pressure storage tanks where pressure and vacuum relief is required.

The Model 5100 has a pilot operated pressure side which permits tank operating pressures closer to the maximum allowable operating pressure. This provides a more positive control over vapor generation inherent in fluids with higher vapor pressures. The vacuum side of the vent is weight loaded and allows intake of air when necessary to remain within the vacuum design rating of the tank.

Body & Weather Hood Material: Available in Aluminum, Carbon Steel or 316 SST.
Numerous Sizes. Available in Sizes 2″ through 12″. CS & SST vents have Raised Face Flange, Aluminum vents have Flat Face Flange to mate with ASME150# flange connections.
Diaphragm Case Material: Available in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel.
Pallet Diaphragm Material: FKM – Standard; also available Buna-N, EPDM or FEP-TFE.
Pilot Body Material: 316SST.
Pilot Seat (o-ring): FKM – Standard; also available Buna-N, EPDM, FFKM 1 or FFKM 2.
Pilot (Sensing) Diaphragm: FEP-TFE.

Modular: The Pilot Operated Model 5100 end-of-line conservation breather vent is part of the Valve Concepts,
Inc. modular vent product line. The Model 5100 can easily be field converted to a vacuum only vent, a pressure/
vacuum vent with pipe away and can either be direct acting or pilot operated.
Maintains Accurate Settings. The Pilot Operated Model 5100 provides bubble tight (no leakage) up to 95%
of set pressure or 0.5″ WC, whichever is greater and less than 1 SCFH at 90% of setting on the vacuum side of the
vent. A certified test certificate is included with each vent verifying the accuracy of both the pressure and vacuum
setting and leakage.
Condensate Drainage. Self-draining housing body and drip rings keep condensate away from seating surfaces,
preventing freezing, binding and clogging.
Air-Cushioned Seating. Air-cushion seating provides tight sealing to reduce evaporation losses. The pallets
have outer guiding and center stabilizing stem to provide self alignment and tight seating.