Model 50 Breather Valves

The AVAL Series 50 range of breather valves is suitable for the protection of common and nitrogen blanketed vessels storing chemical and petroleum products, avaiModel 54 Pressure Vacuum Valvelable in Aluminium, Carbon steel and Stainless Steel.

The latest models incorporate all parts, eliminating problems of oxidation, and ensuring premium seat tightness even after extended service periods. Product waste and atmospheric pollution are therefore minimised. In addition, with screens protecting all inlets and outlets, smooth pallet operation is assured along the guides.

All sizes are generally available ex-stock or within a few weeks.

Flanges: from 2″ up-to 12″ ANSI 150 FF
from DN 50 up-to DN 300 ISO PN 10

Settings: from + 22 mm WG up to + 500 mm WG
From – 22 mm WG up to – 500 mm WG

For other settings consult factory.

Design pressure: 1000 mm WG